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You may not know how to get started or what to remove, yet you know you must do more to present your home!

Whether it’s a home listed for sale, display or a fresh look for a new home, Charming Changes can help. Our Home Stylists will advise room by room on layout and positioning of furniture, as well as tidying cupboards and person effects.

They will also recommend which pieces should be removed by packing and storing and provide simple ideas to enhance each area, with colour suggestions and the use of decor items and soft furnishings.

Our goal is to ensure you are presenting your home at its best! Potential buyers will feel and see the life style on offer.
Remember, your best presentation will help REACH YOUR OPTIMUM RESULT.

Interior styling
sell your house for more

Furniture Hire and Decor

Charming Changes provides the complete furniture hire package with a wide variety of furniture styles and concepts to suit any house, apartment, unit or loft.

We provide modern, contemporary, industrial and art deco furniture along with soft furnishings, décor & bedding to present your home.

Furniture hire & property styling will set you apart from others with similar priced homes.

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